Friday, November 4, 2011

Product Review of The Week: Little Duck Tiny Fruits

I remember the first time I gave my baby a snack on the go. It was a magical moment of transformation. Right before my very eyes was a baby in the midst of a total meltdown and with a simple snack ta-da! The crying, body thrashing and remarkable redness in his cheeks disappeared.
Ever since then we take our snacks on the go very seriously. 
We don't leave the house without them. Ever.

I particularly love Little Duck Organics Tiny Fruits because its actually just 100% real freeze dried fruit. It has no preservatives, additives or artificial flavors and best of all, there's no choking risk. It dissolves in a second in their mouth. We once had a choking incident with a rice crisp that induced projectile vomit in the middle of a busy street in NYC and let me tell you, it was enough to scar me for life. The dissolving factor is key when you are first starting your baby out on snacks. Tiny Fruits comes in 3 different mix types and my baby literally hyperventilates with joy when he catches a glimpse of the bag. Do yourself and your baby a favor and buy in bulk.

Available here.
To learn more about the seriously cool company go to

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