Friday, August 19, 2011

Product Review of The Week: Earths Best Diapers

Nothing external about me screams organic super freak but deep down inside I am an earth loving kumbaya singing hippie. Sometimes I dream about living in the mountains, surviving off of my own vegetable garden, washing my laundry in the river…well, maybe not that. But you know what I mean. Being totally green isn’t as easy as it seems and it’s not my goal at all but there are some great companies out there that are making it easier and possible to make small changes in your life that are significant.
Example numero uno, baby diapers. Now, my first experience with organic diapers where brown paper feeling type things I saw my friend use on her baby and I remember thinking “poor baby.” When I had my baby I used pampers at first and I loved the way they felt and smelled. Yes, I smell everything. After a few weeks I realized hmmm, why do they smell so good? Why does his tushy get so red all the time? Chemicals! My poor little baby and all babies in the universe wear these things on their bodies 24/7, they cant have chemicals seeping into their unsuspecting bodies!
So began the hunt for the perfect natural diaper.
Earths best diapers are environmentally friendly and more importantly chlorine and chemical free. They’re plain white, with no characters on them, no smell…its like wearing a diapers in the 1950s and I love it. Its soft compared to others, my baby moves well in it and he hasn’t had a red tush since I made the switch. The only thing I must say is that for overnight use, try using a size up to prevent leaks. 

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