Friday, July 29, 2011


Stuck in traffic? Delayed in the airport? Forgot your diaper bag at home? Lost track of time watching real housewives reruns? Do what I do….have a nervous breakdown and blame your husband.
Just Kidding. Not.
No really, its going to be ok. Just grab an avocado and lunch is served.

Avocado is so loaded with nutrients that if you were to be stranded on an island with only avocados, you would survive. For you calorie counters, yes, avocado does have a lot of fat. 1 cup of puree has about 700 calories! Before you write it off though, its not the bad fat, its really essential fatty acids including omega 3 and omega 6 that are essential for baby’s brain and physical development. Avocados are sodium and cholesterol free, have folate, fiber, potassium, vitamin E and iron and are known as one of natures perfect foods.

Slice the avocado in half, cut out cubes, mash with fork for younger babies and resume breathing.

Warning: this can get batshit messy.

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